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Budget minded travelers choosing to discover India in '09-10


Economic cries has prompted travelers to look closer to India when planning their vacations for 2011-12, according to a recent survey conducted by World Ways Travel Co. which is receiving these vacation bookings. "In times of stress we all look for comfort transport, accommodation and food" said Pradeep Parashar, president ofWorld Ways Travel Co. "I think we're in a period of comfort travel." Parashar, was referring to inbound tourist traffic, which he said more travelers are booking as an alternative to local destinations. It doesn't hurt operators such as Worldways Travel Co. that, rightly or wrongly, India travel is often perceived as more economical, less time-consuming and less complicated than a European getaway. "Thank goodness we have both [domestic and international] markets, because people are turning inward," said Parashar. Parashar said people are specifically looking for the cultural and scenic in their India trips, with wild life national parks and golden triangle(Delhi-Agra-Jaipur) being the choice destinations for most. "People're returning to nature," said Parashar.


World Ways Travel introduces hotel guarantee


World Ways has extended its Price guarantee program to cover hotel bookings. When a client buys a prepaid hotel on World Ways and another customer subsequently books the identical accommodation at a lower rate, World Ways will automatically send the customer who paid more a check for the difference. "Hotel Price guarantee provides peace of mind to clients who want to book early but be protected in case rates drop later,"World Ways said.World Ways launched the Price guarantee program for all hotel booking with effect from January 1st, 2011.


World Ways Travel introduces all-inclusive plans


World Ways, the India’s leading tour operator on Thursday launched “Grand India” a program offering all-inclusive vacations to North Central India. "An India-inclusive program is a great way to provide a variety of activities and accommodations for our visitors with one price that covers hotel, tours, two meals a day, transfers and transportation services," said Pradeep Parashar, World Ways Travel Co.’s CEO and director of business development and communications Three pricing tiers are available, depending on the hotel selected. Unlike typical all-inclusive packages, Grand India program does not limit guests to the offerings of one hotel/resort. Customers can select participating restaurants and activities regardless of where they are located. Five hotels, three transportation companies, 15 restaurants and several activity providers are participating in the program. More are expected to sign up, Pradeep said. The participating hotels are International Yatri, Taj Plaza, Hoter Siddharth, Central Park, Our World Ways Hotel Village and Tara Palace. India based tour operator offers packages for stays from two to fourteen nights that include a river rafting and boat riding, hotels, attractions, activities, restaurants and transportation.


India on a Budget


When setting foot in one of the world's most famous backpacking destinations, with your thoughts full of adventure, Northern India and camping in the national parks, it's hard to give more than a brief thought to your budget, said Parashar He said, “It might seem easy to travel India on a budget, say, of £20 a day. But thousands of backpackers realize each year that, whilst it is possible to experience all your dreams of traveling in India for this much money, it does take a bit of organization”. Although it may sound a bit dull, the best to way to stick to a budget is to be aware of it all the way through your trip. You're bound to meet backpackers around India that have no idea how much is left in their pocket; travelers who plan to go away for 12 months but are forced to return in less than six... Parashar said “firstly, it's a good idea to get your money organized into a bank account with online facilities before you go. This way, you can keep an eye on spending along the way”. Also, pay for comprehensive travel insurance in advance so you don't have to fork out for any unforeseen expenses that will eat into that budget. Similarly, don't be tempted to buy any clothes specifically for traveling before you go; clothes and shoes are, as a rule, much cheaper in India than back home, he said.


Incredible India! 8 days deluxe tour $375, 50% saving.


An alluring adventure awaits you on your exotic journey to Northern India. From the archeological wonders of the world famous Taj Mahal to the temples of Kaajuraho and varanasi these fascinating destinations are yours to be discovered. And now, getting to this exciting destination has never been more affordable!

Book a 2011 World Ways Vacation, and you will save $375 per couple on the inclusive tour price. World Ways allows you the chance to discover Northern India independently, at your own pace and in your own style. You'll stay in major cities like New Delhi, Agra, Jaipur, Gwalior, Khajuraho and Varanasi enjoying more opportunities to relax, explore and enjoy their free time. World Ways vacations also offer the assistance of a Local Host who provides authentic service and support, helping travelers feel more at ease in each destination. Our tours are designed to offer you the flexibility, choices and pace that best fit the way you want to experience. Price listed does not include airfare. Please contact us to get an air quote.


Number of in bound tourist in India will continue to grow!


The number of in bound tourist will continue to grow at a higher pace than in the past few years,World Ways Travel Co. CEO Pradeep Parashar has predicted. Releasing the Company Current Review , published today, Parashar said while the dramatic growth of the past years was likely to subside due to the recession, theWorld Ways Travel was confident of continued travellers growth due to the number of package tours launching next year for the western market, but also because package offers such good value. Next year World Ways Travel in conjunction with Worldways India Travel Co. Will introduce new destination featuring Chanderi and Pachmarhi. For the western market.Said Parashar. The India remains the favourite tourist destination for Britons, but northern/western Europe and Americans found India to be second favourite in 2008. World Ways Travel Company Current Review indicated.